You Can Help Lighten Up the Landfills!


More landfills are opening up each year in order to handle all of the garbage people are throwing out. The more garbage we send to these landfills, the more chances we have of increasing the greenhouse gases that are affecting the environment. So what can you do to help lighten the load at the landfill?

One of the best ways to become eco-friendly and help protect our environment is by recycling. Recycling is the process of taking some of our trash or garbage and reusing it again and again.  This helps to cut down on the problem of landfill areas becoming filled with junk that could harm the soil as well as the environment.

Here are some simple tips to get you started on the right track with recycling your goods:

Check with your local recycling center and see what items they take. The most common items recycling centers take are paper products, plastic, glass, aluminum and tin cans. Designate an area in your home that can easily be reached to store your recycling products. Keep the items separated by using recycling materials like paper or plastic bags.

Some cities will pick up your recycling for you, while others have a center that you have to take your products to. If there’s pick-up available, make sure you know what day it’s on and don’t forget to place the recyclables on the curb for them to pick up. My city picks up everything except glass, and it doesn’t have to be separated. They also provide one recycle bin, and you can buy more, if needed, for $8.

Recycle Bin

If you take your products to a center, pick a regular day each week or every other week to get them there. If you forget to take care of the products, you’re more likely to just throw them away to get rid of them.

If your city doesn’t have a recycling pick-up option or a center to take your products to, then talk to your city officials. If you can get enough people interested in recycling their products to save the environment, they can contact the local recycling centers in nearby cities to find out how they can arrange a pick-up of your city’s recyclable goods.

Recycle some of the products yourself. Many craft items and even bird feeders can be made from materials you may already have at home. A plastic liter bottle can make an excellent bird feeder. Browse through this website and others for ideas on recycling items you would normally throw away. You can also check your local library for books on making crafts and things from recycled material. You can make things for your own home, or to be given away as gifts. Something hand-made is always special, and can help the environment at the same time!

Donate some of the items you want to get rid of.  Libraries may take some of those old books you have, if they’re in good condition. Donate the good clothes to places like the Salvation Army. What may be junk to you might be a nice treasure for someone less fortunate than you. Many charities will do a curb-side pickup, plus many of them have large donation boxes where you can drop off your items.

Donation Box

If you’re not one to use your grocery store bags for other purposes, consider purchasing some nice sturdy canvas bags to take to the store with you when you shop for groceries. They can be reused for a long time and you won’t have to worry about the room the plastic and paper grocery bags take up in your home – or in the landfills!

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