Green Gardening

Metal Garden Fence

How to Apply Permaculture Principles in the Garden

Here is a brief guide to show you how you can use the twelve principles of permaculture in your garden.

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Dandelion in the meadow

What Is Permaculture?

Let’s look at just what is meant by permaculture, the history of this conservation movement, and meet some of its originators.

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Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

How To Make a Greenhouse With Your Trash

The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to create a great covered growing area to give your plants and crops more protection.

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Organic Waste for Compost

How To Make a Food Scrap Smoothie

Here are directions for several types of food scrap smoothies you can make to fertilize your garden, indoor plants, lawn, etc.

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Community Garden

Greening Our Cities

Mass, mono-crop agriculture with its heavy reliance on chemical pesticides and herbicides and on polluting non-renewable fuel sources has had its day.

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veggie garden in a barrel

Growing A Green Sustainable Garden on Your Deck or Patio

Add healthy organic food to your family’s meals, save on the grocery bill, and decorate your deck or patio with a sustainable green garden.

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