Is Global Warming a True Crisis or Just Political Hype?

Global Warming

We’ve been hearing the warnings of global warming problems for quite some time now. The push is on to promote green living to help save the environment and stop some of the effects of global warming. Are those threats real or is this just hype to further political awareness or some politicians’ agendas?

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the gradual increase in the Earth’s average temperature near surface air (the atmosphere) and the temperature of the oceans. It allows the earth to be habitable, as it absorbs some of the heat from the sun. The increase is believed to be causing permanent changes to the Earth’s climate.

Greenhouse gases that have been released into the earth’s atmosphere are contributing to the rise in the surface air temperature. What impact is this having on earth right now?

Scientists show that the average temperature has risen in the last century. It’s believed that most of that increase has come in just the last couple of decades. With the increase steadily rising, scientists believe that it will continue to rise at an even faster pace for the future.

Some of the Effects

Arctic ice is slowly disappearing over time. The warmer temperatures caused by the global warming effects are melting the ice. Polar bears are feeling the effects of the melting ice as they find themselves stranded in the middle of the open sea. Ultimately, these polar bears are losing their life by drowning in the seas trying to find more ice patches to climb onto.

Polar Bear

With the melting of the ice, we’re seeing a rise in the sea levels. Currently, the rise is a small amount, but since the temperatures are soaring at a fairly rapid rate, the rise will become a problem in the future.

The water level will be raised to a point where flooding will occur, which could make it difficult to pump it out of the areas where people live.

Precipitation is increasing as well. The amount of rainfall and snowfall is increasing over time. Storms are not only becoming more abundant, but we’re starting to see them increase in intensity as well. Hurricanes will probably occur more often, be stronger and reach farther inland.


The warming temperatures are also causing more evaporation to occur. The more evaporating we see, the more chances for these storms to develop, which could ultimately result in the high category hurricanes, as we’re seeing today.  More of the heavier rainfalls will occur, driving people from their flooded homes.

The ecosystems are seeing hardships, too. Some species of animals are slowly moving northward for more livable conditions, while other species are slowly dwindling in numbers and struggling to survive extinction.

Global warming is showing some slow effects right now, but they are believed to increase over time unless we start to do something to reverse it. By using some green living methods in our daily lives, we can slow down those disastrous effects to save the planet for our heirs.

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