How to Lose Weight By Going Green

Gardening to Lose Weight

Today in the United States, over two-thirds of the population is overweight. Seeing this number, it is easy to see why we have one of the largest markets for weight loss products in the world. Everyone wants to find a way to lose weight fast, but many of these products are not only misleading, but unhealthy for your body.

If you are someone who is has gone green or is considering going green and helping the environment, you may be happy to know that there are ways to lose weight while still helping the environment. Even better, many of these green weight loss tips may even help you save money for not only yourself, but your family.

Meatless Nights

One of the best things you can do for your health is adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  Many people who have a green lifestyle prefer going vegan, but most people are unable to sustain this type of lifestyle. Instead of giving up meat completely, try adding more leafy greens and fruits to your diet, as well as having two or three nights of week where you are going meatless. By doing this, you will be cutting down on your overall calorie intake, while also helping to save countless animals.

Walking or Biking

While we may all love our cars, sometimes they aren’t the most efficient way to go. Instead of taking your car for short trips, walk or take a bike. Walking especially is wonderful exercise, and will help you lose weight in no time. Since you are not taking your car, you are keeping carbons and other pollutants from going into the air, helping to save the environment and the ozone layer.

Ditch the Power Tools

We all love our toys, but sometimes they are not the greenest option. Many snow blowers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor tools of convenience throw different pollutants in the air, as well as using a great deal of electricity . In many cases, these lawn power tools can take more electricity than some of your household appliances, making them uneconomical and not so Earth friendly.  Instead of using these fossil fuel guzzling machines, use a good old fashion snow shovel or rake for the job.   In most cases, they will do a better job and will help you burn extra calories.


Even though we don’t think much about it, we waste hundreds of dollars a year driving to the grocery store to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of driving to your favorite grocery store, consider starting your own garden. Having your own garden may be a lot of work, but nothing is more satisfying than cooking vegetables that you grew with your own hands. By weeding your own garden and taking care of its basic maintenance, you will burn extra calories, along with helping improve your families overall diet. One thing is for certain, once you have enjoyed a diet of delicious fruits and vegetables from your own back yard, you will never go back!

No matter if we are trying to lose weight for an important event or our health, we know that we need to not only lose the weight, but keep it off. Hopefully these tips will  help you lose in a healthy way that is not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

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