Why Should I Go Green?

Going Green

All over, we are hearing people talking about going green. Everywhere we look newspapers and a variety of different Medias are talking about the benefits of this movement, making us wonder if it is something we should be taking seriously. If you are considering the idea, there are some very good benefits.

Like almost everything in society today, there are always those that take philosophical ideas to an extreme, making it difficult for individuals to really figure out if this is truly beneficial or just a group of extremists. Luckily, you don’t have to eat and breathe the idea of going green to introduce more Earth friendly ideas in your life. Going green doesn’t have to be intimidating, and can even save you money.

Why You Should Go Green

Going green, no matter what anyone tells you, is an individual choice. While everyone many have a different reason to go green, you should also keep the reason that is most important to you in mind. One of the main reasons many people want to go green is the idea of saving the planet’s resources for future generations, as well as protecting all the animals that are part of this world. For others, going green is an economic choice that in the long run, could possibly save their family money. If you go green because everyone else around you is, you are very likely to fail, and will have a negative attitude about the experience.

Here are some of the common reasons people go green:

  • Saving Natural Resources
  • Saving Rainforests
  • Helping Animals in Need
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Healthier Life for Children and Grandchildren

What can I do?

One of the largest benefits of going green is saving money. By having a green home, you are saving money on your household bills, and may even be helping with some of your very own hobbies. Probably the most popular way of going green is getting energy efficient appliances. On all the appliances that you can buy today, you can quickly find an energy start rating, showing you how much energy is saved by using this appliances, and how much it costs you a week or month to run.

Appliances that have a high rating use very little electricity, water, or both, saving you long term on your household bills. As well as these appliances saving you money, you are also helping the environment by not using an abundance of natural resources. Many older appliances use more electricity, giving you high bills and eating away at the world’s resources.

You can also help the environment by being conscientious of what resources you use in your house. Rather than throwing away your plastic bags from the grocery, recycle them. Many grocery stores today have incentives for recycling their bags. Even better, bring reusable fabric bags. Not only do they help the environment, but they are sturdier, allowing you to carry more items and weight per bag, helping cut down your trips to the car while unloading groceries. While these steps may be simple, they can help make a difference.

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