Blue Jean Plant Holders

Blue Jean Plant Holders

These cute and easy DIY planters can be made from outgrown jeans, worn out jeans, or thrift store jeans.

Sew or staple the bottom of the legs shut. Stuff the legs with hay, old rags, or other stuffing materials. You can insert a pot to hold the plants, or just fill with dirt, although the dirt without a pot will settle into the legs. If you use a pot, be sure to poke holes in the bottom for drainage. Add your dirt and plants. Connect to your railing using the belt loops of the jeans.

Recycled Blue Jean Planters

Here’s another version. The jeans have been nailed to a DIY wooden A-frame. As above, stuff the jeans with old rags or hay, and either add dirt to the jeans or stick a pot in them to hold the plants. Cute!

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